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Guest Photographer feature:
“Discover Montreal through Jean-Pierre's Eyes.”

"I love to photograph life in Montreal: You mix English and French and you get a well balanced blend of America with a little European touch."


AYRTON Jean-Pierre Lavoie's friends and family in Montreal sort of scratched their heads when he told them he decided to work full time as a photographer specialized in panography since 2007.  Lavoie's past, he was a practicing electrical engineer for 15 years with an interest in cameras well fed by his late father since his youth.  Now he's a former practicing engineer who shoots stills and panoramas for businesses, museums, commercial buildings, festivals, Online magazine, TV stations and news events.  That surprising career change from scientific job to photography entrepreneur was a bold decision indeed to better blend his artistic personality to his scientific background. Lavoie began to shoot panoramic images since 2001 while designing and testing electronics circuits to make electronic remote car starters, which are very useful during long Canadian winters.  Then he caught the attention in 2007 of a book and multimedia editor that lead to some of his first photography contracts to shoot panoramas of churches and cult related buildings all over the province of Quebec.  He started also at the same time to shoot news related panoramas for the main Online french and english newspapers of Montreal.  By producing the first news panoramic images in Quebec for the Medias, Lavoie was a pioneer panographer that opened the way to news panography in Quebec.  His clientele then opened up to various types of organizations like the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts among other museums, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, major commercial buildings, clinics, hotels, restaurants and local businesses.  Lavoie was also hired to make panoramic images in Europe at some industrial and commercial plants.  Traveling is another great opportunity for him to discover new cities, the world and, big surprise, to shoot more images  

» More about Jean-Pierre Lavoie can be found at: photojpl.com

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